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To make your letter as effective as possible, follow these five general guidelines:

First thing to remember, no one expects you to be an expert. So don't try to be too technical.

  • In fact a brief letter/email of no more than two paragraphs is preferable. 
  • Chances are your letter/email will initially be read by a legislative aide and they don't want to read through pages to understand your point.
  1. Be courteous and appreciative. Thank your legislator for favorable votes and actions. If they vote in accordance with your wishes, they will appreciate hearing it.
  2. Be specific. Your legislator is elected to act, so tell him what action you want him to take. Refer to the bill's subject and its number if you know it. Your letter need not be lengthy, but clearly state whether you favor or oppose the bill and explain why.
  3. Request an answer. Ask the legislator how he intends to vote on the bill.
  4. Use the proper address and salutation. For letters to your state senator and representative, use the following sample forms
  5. Have it come from your heart!

Sample Letter



As your voting constituent, I am writing today asking that you review and hopefully sign onto the proposed legislation by Gun Owners Action League (GOAL). I am writing to you to (oppose or support) (House or Senate) Bill ####

(insert your example of how this law would affect you – Go from the heart. What will this bill do to you? How will it affect you and your family)

There are many other points of contention in both proposals; I won't take up your time going through them line by line; instead, I would urge you to speak with Jim Wallace at GOAL about the technical and legal fine points.

It's Just that Simple!!!

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