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GOAL Files Federal Court Action Against Three Cities for Not Processing Firearm Licenses

On Tuesday October 27, 2020 Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) filed a civil rights action against the cities of Cambridge, Stoughton, and Weymouth. These three cities are among those using COVID as an excuse to stifle our Second Amendment civil rights.

Since the COVID crisis began in earnest back in March, some cities and towns immediately shut down the processing of firearm licenses. Even when the state began to “re-open”, these municipalities refused to follow the law. The law is clear that licenses be processed in forty days. Since the beginning, GOAL has been working with the state to get these local authorities in compliance. An earlier case against the city of Lowell was dismissed without a hearing because the city began processing applications once they were served notice of the court action.

“During this COVID era when folks need to be cautious, we are able to get our favorite coffee, burger, and pizza, but these local authorities can’t figure out how to safely fingerprint people,” said Jim Wallace, Executive Director of GOAL. “It is bad enough that we have to get permission from our state government to exercise our civil rights, but now they are telling us the system can’t work during a health crisis when citizens may need it the most.”

GOAL is hopeful the case will prevail. It has been assigned to federal judge Woodlock. This is the same judge that ruled against Governor Baker for closing firearm retailers and shooting ranges. GOAL supported that case when it was filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and Comm2A.

Even during this health crisis, GOAL continues to work hard to preserve, protect, and restore our Second Amendment civil rights.

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