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  • Sgt. Thomas Sampson has worked in Law Enforcement for 19 years and is a certified Instructor and offers / teaches the following courses: Basic Firearm Safety Courses for: Massachusetts, Maine & Connecticut (These are the required courses needed to apply for a ‘License to Carry or an FID Card’)(Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act Instructor L.E.O.S.A.) to qualify retired Law Enforcement personnel). National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified: NRA Semi-Auto & Revolver Pistol Instructor, NRA Rifle Instructor (AR-15,308/.762, 22 Rimfire30-30 & more), NRA Personal Protection in Home, NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (I certify Range Safety Officers), NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor, Please contact us or visit our web site for more information and courses we offer. Respectfully, Sgt. Thomas Sampson, 603-670-3293

  • Barry Mills - USCCA Training Counselor - Offering Massachusetts LTC Gun Permit Classes and several other courses. Providing superior training, we are very experienced instructing first time and beginner shooters. We offer courses from basic to advanced levels in firearms subjects. A welcoming, small class size environment firearms academy with a low student to instructor ratio. We utilize state for the art firearms training equipment including: NLT-SIRT Pistols, Glock IR Training Pistols, LASR Software, UTM Training Munitions, Smokeless Range, as well as Live-Fire Shooting with several types of pistols, revolvers or rifles. Contact us at 603-952-9407 - barry@uscca-nh.com or visit us at https://uscca-nh.com/

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