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City of Lowell Revamps Firearm Licensing Requirements

For quite some time the City of Lowell has been a problem when it comes to firearm licensing application processes. For many years gun owners have faced dubious requirements such as signed letters of reference, limited live fire courses, etc. Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) is happy to announce some much-needed changes have been accomplished.

For several months GOAL has been working with some fairly new city officials in hopes of rectifying some of the notorious licensing requirements. We are pleased that we have had some success. On Friday, October 28, 2022, the City updated its firearm licensing web page to reflect the positive changes.


We are aware that the web page still mentions a “suitability” standard, but that is a statewide issue caused by Maura Healey’s willful misrepresentation of Bruen. However, the city has removed any requirements for letters of reference, will now recognize any State Police approved course, etc.

Strangely it still mentions how to best acquire an “unrestricted” license, but then goes on to explain that there are no more restricted licenses. The new page does also state that previously restricted licenses are no longer enforceable and there is no need to apply for a new one prior to the expiration date.

 GOAL would like to thank the City officials who took part in these discussions and the resulting changes.

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