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NRA Instructors Course

Please call Angela Fisher @ 508-393-5333 X20 to register for this class prior to mailing your application!

  • Candidates must possess and demonstrate a solid background in firearm safety and shooting skills acquired through previous firearm training and/or previous shooting experience. Instructor candidates must be intimately familiar with each action type in the discipline they wish to be certified.
  • Candidates will be required to demonstrate solid and safe firearms handling skills required to be successful during an instructor training course by completing pre-course questionnaires and assessment exercises administered by the NRA Appointed Training Counselor.
  • Candidates must satisfactorily complete an NRA Instructor Training Course in the discipline they wish to teach (e.g., NRA Basic Pistol Course), and receive the endorsement of the NRA Training Counselor conducting that training

NRA Instructor courses are discipline specific. The first 6 hours of an NRA instructor course is NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT), utilizing the NRA Trainer’s Guide. During this portion, candidates will learn NRA policies and procedures, basic public speaking skills, , training methodology, use of a training team and training aids, organizing a course, building a budget, and finally preparing to teach. The BIT is followed by discipline specific training and will be 5 to 16 additional hours, depending on the discipline. During this portion, candidates will be provided the appropriate lesson plans and basic course student packets. Role playing is a major part of an instructor course. Candidates take turns working in teams, actually conducting portions of the course to other candidates who play the role as basic students.


Training Counselors will evaluate candidates’ performance based on their ability to handle the firearms with confidence, use of appropriate training aids, following the lesson plans and meeting all learning objectives, while utilizing the teaching philosophies learned during the BIT. Candidates can also expect to learn the NRA discipline specific instructional methods and evaluating and improving the performance of beginning shooters. Candidates will be provided with the NRA Trainer’s Guide, appropriate Lesson Plans and Outlines, Basic Course Student handbooks, certificates, basic student examinations, Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program booklet, Basic Firearm Training Programs Brochure, Gun Safety Rules brochure, NRA Trainer’s Examination and NRA discipline specific instructor examination (minimum passing grade is 90%).

NRA Certified Instructors provide an invaluable service in their communities by training hundreds of thousands of individuals annually.


Click here to download the February 2015 course application


Click here to download the May 2015 Shotgun Instructor course application.


Click here to download the June 2015 course application


To Register Call Angela Fisher at 508-393-5333 ext 20.


For more information about any of the NRA Instructor Courses please call GOAL Director of Education Jon Green 508-393-5333 x21 or email him by clicking here.


Class Payment Policy

Payment needs to be made at the time of registration via credit card. Cash and payment by check will be accepted but need to be received in the GOAL office no latter than 7 days (1 week) from the date of registration 

Registration will not be considered complete until payment is received.  


Payments not received in the office within 7 days from the registration date will result in loss of placement in class. 


Cancellation and No Show Policy: 7 days notice prior to date of the class is the minimum requirement to cancel. Arrangements to be placed into another class can be made or a refund can be issued.  

Any Cancellations made within the 7 day grace period that require a refund will be subject to a processing fee which is determined by the course cost. All refunds will be issued by check with in 10 business days from the cancellation date. Cancellations after seven days will be charged for the class if the position can not be filled. No-Shows will be charged for the class. Under certain circumstances, arrangements to attend another class can be made. If you have any questions about the policy please contact jongreen@goal.org


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