1200+ Concerned MA Citizens Rally at State House


Boston MA.

Travelling from near and far, by the car load and alone, some with children, many with signs and all on the same message - "stop punishing the law abiding" a crowd of approximately 1,200 - 1,500 concerned citzens rallied on the State House stairs today.

For years Massachusetts residents who lawfully own firearms have endured abusive restrictions and regulation which do nothing to lower crime and in fact have had the opposite effect.

Today, in the shadow of more legislation introduced over the last week by Governor Patrick and Rep. Linsky, many concerened citizens said "enough" and stepped out into the light to make their voice heard and to say "no more".

All who attended were concerned about this new legislation, having witnessed the failure of the acts of 1998, and knowing that this increased scrutiny will only lead to the criminalization of the law abiding.

The peaceful gathering featured a father speaking with his son under arm, talking of tradition and preservation, law enforcement officers discussing civil rights and the constitution, and many who simply wanted to tell their story and encourage those in attendance to take action against what has been introduced over the last week.

goal ma state house rally 1-19-13

Many felt a sense of irony standing there in front of the state house, with the common in full view adjacent to a graveyard where American patriots like Sam Adams lie at rest. Knowing the effort and passion those great men put forth to ensure our freedom, one could feel that same passion stirring again, for this cradle of freedom has become something that would be unrecognizable to them, and we the people, the descendants of these great men have heard the call again.

A call to restore freedom. Today that return began.


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ma state house rally dad with sign 1-19-13

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ma state house rally mother second amendment boston 1-19-13

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