Jay Bear president of GOALGOAL Organizational Rally

GOAL would like to thank everyone that braved a stormy New England Winter morning to attend our organizational rally this past weekend at the Boxborough Holiday Inn.

Despite the cold, snowy and blustery morning we had a full room of members in attendance who are eager to provide momentum to our civil rights restoration efforts.

The day began with a greeting from GOAL President of the Board of Directors Jay Beard (pictured above) and a quick note of thanks to all in attendance and an update on the current raffles (Polaris Ranger and Big Bang) that are currently running. 

Jay was followed by Director at Large Steve Moysey (pictured below).  Steve has been all over the place lately defending liberty and our Second Amendment, going head to head not once, but twice with John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence.  Steve spoke brilliantly on this morning covering his life, born in England and then visiting America and realizing instantly that he wanted to live here in our great country; he eventually became a full fledged American citizen and shared a very poignant thought about looking at his U.K. passport and then his U.S. passport and realizing that the first lists him as a subject, the second, his American passport, as a citizen.  It was a telling moment indeed.  He went on to discuss how much it meant to him to be a free man and how he now enjoys our freedoms as recognized in our Bill of Rights. 

Steve Moysey

Steve commanded the room; our next speaker took that command to the next level.

Bettina Romberg stepped up to the podium next.  She spoke eloquently about our freedom, our right to life and how our Bill of Rights guarantees these freedoms are recognized for all Americans.  You could have heard a pin drop as she went on to discuss how those that oppose our freedoms use a “Straw Man Fallacy” in which the truth is distorted and language corrupted, so that a semi automatic rifle becomes an “Assault Weapon” and law abiding licensed gun owners are lumped in with criminals, claiming that we wish to be like Rambo, using the firearms for aggressive acts instead of their real use, defense of life.  She went on to discuss strategies for fighting back and gave us a reminder to be always vigilant.

Both speakers upon completion were given a standing ovation.

GOAL Director at Large Mike Anthony spoke next, going over his many small victories winning people over who were “anti-gun” and how he accomplished a shift change in their thinking by simply taking them to the range and giving them real facts, “facts matter” is the point he hammers time and again.  He closed strong discussing the onslaught of anti-civil rights bills filed by our state and federal legislators urging us to take a stand to ensure that no new bills are passed; “not now or ever”.

GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace followed discussing legislation filed by GOAL, and of course legislation which we need to follow.  He discussed GOAL’s continuing micro-bill strategy of simple clean bills making small significant changes to the current quagmire that is MA law.  He also discussed the insurance proposal agenda and how there is a strong faction (insurance agenda) at work to do what anti-civil rights legislators have failed at, restricting our freedom.

Jim went on to discuss best methods for communicating with legislators - "develop a relationship with your legislators" He also discussed how e-mails are becoming an increasingly less effective means of communication, largely in part because of all the “sign and send” e-mail options which have been set up and for the most part only fill up inboxes without being read and thereby render other e-mails which people take the time to write, less effective.  Some other ways of getting the message out were discussed; local range days that would include an invite to friends - neighbors and town officials, developing a relationship with your state legislators via frequent, polite phone calls and through attendance of events in which they are participating in.  Get to know them!

A question and answer/idea session followed with questions about legislation and ideas on how to build the base.  Among the many topics that were discussed:

  • "Losing civil rights to vote" (schools host voting polls)
  • Bullet point list on 2013 legislation, facts etc..
  • Stay focused on 2A reach outside of community
  • Eddy Eagle, what is GOAL doing to encourage participation?
  • Lots of questions about AWB.
  • Lots of discussion about BOR and 2A
  • Tynan from “ItsTime2A” discussed rallies, his organization and their grassroots ideas going forward.

All in all it was a very informative and well attended meeting, people left with a sense of what we are up against and some good ideas for making positive change going forward.

GOAL would like to thank everyone who took the time and braved the weather to attend.


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