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H.2259 (First filing of GOAL's Civil Rights and Public Safety Act)

H.4102 (Governor Patrick's "Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act")

  • One Week left in the legislative session. H.4102/H.2259 As of Monday, July 26, 2010 the Massachusetts Legislature has only one week left of “formal session”. Traditionally the last week of the session is a whirlwind of legislation.
  • GOAL Update on H.4102.  July 16th Update, The Governor's "Lawful Citizen Imprisonment and Profiling Act" is still in the House Committee on Ways & Means. To our knowledge they have not conducted a formal poll of the committee members in an attempt to release the bill to the House floor for a vote.
  • "Citizen's for Safety" video about H.4102. "There's a video on YouTube by Citizens for Safety featuring James Mathes and a young woman attempting to dupe the public into believing they are speaking on behalf of all hunters and gun owners."
  • Governor Patrick pushes pols to act on gun control, CORI reform. Patrick said he is still urging lawmakers to pass his gun control reform - a priority of his that has taken a back seat during the gaming debate.
  • H.4102, is Governor Patrick now in favor of profiling? The facts are clear and evident, the Governor has either quickly changed his mind on profiling or his beliefs are selective. In either case, it is quite clear to anyone who pays attention that the Governor’s “Lawful Citizen Imprisonment Act” is indeed a “profiling” bill.
  • Argument against proposed "Gun Bill" - Yes folks, it's true. Governor Deval Patrick is pushing his one-gun-a-month bill again, known as House Bill H4102, which would imprison lawfully-licensed citizens for purchasing more than one gun in a 30-day period.
  • Lawmakers’ snafu delays vote on Gov. Patrick gun bill A botched legislative vote today on Gov. Deval Patrick’s gun crackdown in the Bay State means the bill is on hold once again.
  • Governor Patrick blames GOAL (again) for holding up his unconstitutional legislation.“We haven’t got any tools in place in terms of how we control the flow of illegal guns, how we deal with these dangerousness hearings, which is something we have proposed, for people who commit crimes using a gun…and the gun lobby is so prominent, so present up on Beacon Hill that we can’t even have a conversation about it, a serious debate in the legislature about it and that bothers me…”
  • H. 4102. DEVAL PATRICK BLAMES GOAL FOR LACK OF PROGRESS ON GUN BILL  Gov. Deval Patrick blamed firearms lobbyists Monday for his gun control legislation’s lack of progress amid another murder of a child over the weekend, drawing a quick rebuke from the Gun Owners Action League, who called Patrick’s bill flawed and ineffective

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  • NES Charity Ride for "Cross-X" a great success. Yesterday's temps started off in the upper 30s as riders headed to GOAL for registration. A little chilly, but with the proper gear everyone arrived in great spirits and nobody was complaining about the weather.
  • GOAL Shoot-B-Q a Tremendous Success! Approximately 100 GOAL members gathered for a great day of "Firearms, Food, and Fun" and we couldn't have asked for better weather, a nicer venue, or better food.
  • John Kelly Memorial Shoot. Great turnout in memory of a friend benefitting the American Heart Association and GOAL
  • City of Fitchburg continues unconstitutional licensing violations On Monday, March 8, 2010 several GOAL members contacted our office regarding a recorded message on the Fitchburg Police Department’s Firearm Licensing Unit’s answering machine. The message states that due to budgetary constraints, they are not able to accept any new firearm license applications. Citizens calling the number are asked to leave a message and when the Unit is able to process licenses again someone will contact them.
  • GOAL's "Freedom Will Prevail" 2010 Banquet a great success! Read the wrap up here.
  • Spring Fling Raffle! Winners! Look for our annual "Dog Days of Summer" Raffle soon, bigger and better than ever!
  • Budget Alert!4/29 Update: Congratulations all! Once again our voice was heard, Representatives Straus and Peterson were successful in passing their amendments
  • FA 10 Firearms transfer issues May 14th Update. As many of you know, the CJIS uploaded the FA10 form onto their website on April 30th. We just now noticed that they FINALLY updated it to a correct form that includes instructions/codes etc...
  • Billerica Town Meeting Alert! May 14th Update. We win again!

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