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Reference Law or Regulation Notes

Ammunition; Dealer

C. 140: S. 122B

Should also reference C. 140: S. 123 Conditions of licenses.

Ammunition; Definition

C. 140: S. 121


Ammunition; Nonresidents

C. 140: S. 131F


Ammunition; Possession

C. 269: S. 10 (h)

Must refer to definition of “Ammunition” in C. 140, S. 121

Ammunition; Purchase

C. 140: S. 131E


Ammunition; Sale to Aliens

C. 140: S. 130


Ammunition; Storage

527 CMR 13.04

Covers permits to store large amounts of Ammunition. Permits issued by local Fire Dept.

Ammunition; Surrendering

C. 140: S. 129D

Covers Surrender upon loss of license.

Ammunition; Theatrical Exemptions

C. 140: S. 131F½

“the carrying or possession of a firearm and blank ammunition therefore”

Assault Weapon, Definition

C. 140: S. 121


Assault Weapon, Possession

C. 140: S. 131M

Refers to 1994 ban.

BB Guns; Minors, sale to

C. 269: S. 12A

Selling or furnishing air rifle to minor

BB Guns; Minors, possession

C. 269: S. 12B


Black Powder, Possession

C. 140: S. 129C (p)

Covers the possession of ammunition for black powder rifles and shotguns.

Black Powder, Loaded

C.269: S12D (a)


Body Armor, Use in a crime

C. 269: S. 10D


Carrying on a Public Way, Rifles or Shotguns

C. 269: S. 12D


Castle Doctrine, Defense in one's dwelling. C. 278: S. 8A Covers protection from prosecution after use of deadly force for self defense in one's dwelling.

Dealers, Licensed

C. 140: S. 122

Should also reference C. 140: S. 122A, C. 140: S. 122B, C. 140: S. 123


C. 140: S. 121


Electrical Weapons, Possession

C. 140: S. 131J


FID Cards, Application for

C. 140: S. 129B


FID Cards, Replacement of lost or stolen 501 CMR 9 Covers replacement of lost or stolen FID/LTC

FID Cards, Restrictions & Exemptions

C. 140: S. 129C

FA-10 requirement covered in the 3rd paragraph.

FID Cards, Revoked

C. 140: S. 129D

Covers surrendering procedures.

Firearm, (handgun) Alien

C. 140: S. 131F

Alien permits to possess firearms.

Firearm, (handgun) definition

C. 140: S. 121


Firearm, (handgun) Illegal Multiple Sales

C. 269: S. 10E


Firearm, (handgun) non-residents

C. 140: S. 131G

Covers participation in shooting events, transportation, and non-resident hunting.

Firearm, (handgun) sale of

C. 140: S. 123

14th - 21st

Statutory version

Firearm, (handgun) sale of

940 CMR 16.00

Regulatory version

Firearm, (handgun) transportation

C. 140: S. 131C (a), (b)


License to Carry (LTC), Application for

C. 140: S. 131


License to Carry (LTC), Carrying expired

C. 140: S. 131 (m)

Covers non-criminal charges for carrying under an expired license.

License to Carry (LTC), Replacement of lost or stolen 501 CMR 9 Covers replacement of lost or stolen FID/LTC

License to Carry (LTC), Revoked

C. 140: S. 129D

Covers surrendering procedures.

Large Capacity, Transportation of Rifle & Shotgun

C. 140: S. 131C (c)


Large Capacity Feeding Device, Definition

C. 140: S. 121


Large Capacity Feeding Device, Illegal Transfer

C. 269: S. 10F


Large Capacity Feeding Device, License for

C. 140: S. 131


Large Capacity Feeding Device, Possession

C. 140: S. 131M

C. 269: S. 10 (m)

Refers to 1994 ban.


Large Capacity Feeding Device, Purchase of

C. 140: S. 131E (b)

Covers need for LTC

Large Capacity Feeding Device, Transportation  of

C. 269: S. 10 (m)


Private Sales

C. 140: S. 128B

Covers non-dealer sales

Safety Courses

C. 140: S. 131P


Schools, Possession within

C. 269: S. 10 (j)



C. 269: S. 10A



C. 140: S. 131L

Storage requirements

Surrendering, Upon Revocation

C. 140: S. 129D


Surrendering Program

C. 140: S. 131O

Buy backs, etc.

Temporary License, Non-Residents

C. 140: S. 131F


Temporary License, Theatrical

C. 140: S. 131F½


Transportation, Firearms and Large Capacity Rifles & Shotguns

C. 140: S. 131C




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