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Rating Name Bad Bills Good Bills
A+ Arciero, James    
C Ashe, Brian S.1253,H.3476  
F Atkins, Cory    
N/R Ayers, Bruce    
F Balser, Ruth S.1242, S.1246  
N/R Barber, Christine    
A+ Barrows, F.   H2625, H2626, H728, S414
N/R Benson, Jennifer    
A+ Berthiaume, Donald   H3237
A+ Boldyga, Nicholas   H.2092, H2093, H3237
N/R Brodeur, Paul    
F Cabral, Antonio    
N/R Cahill, Daniel    
N/R Calter, Thomas    
N/R Campanale, Kate    
C Campbell, Linda    
N/R Cantwell, James    
N/R Cariddi, Gailanne    
N/R Carvalho, Evandro    
N/R Cassidy, Gerard    
C Chan, Tackey    
N/R Collins, Nick    
N/R Coppinger, Edward    
N/R Crighton, Brendan    
N/R Cronin, Claire    
F Cullinane, Daniel H.3476  
N/R Cusack, Mark    
A Cutler, Josh   H2120, H2138, H2176
A+ D'Emilia, Angelo   H2120, H2626
N/R Day, Michael   H2626
D Decker, Marjorie H.3476 H2138
A DeCoste, David   H2122, H2138
F DeLeo, Robert    
N/R Dempsey, Brian    
N/R Devers, Marcos    
A+ Diehl, Geoff   H2122, H2155, H2158, S1272
N/R DiZoglio, Diana    
N/R Donahue, Daniel    
N?R Donato, Paul    
A Dooley, Shawn   H2093, H2120
N/R DuBois, Michelle    
A+ Durant, Peter    
C Dwyer, James H.3476 H2626
N/R Dykema, Carolyn    
F Ehrlich, Lori H.3476  
F Farley-Bouvier, Tricia S.1242, S.1246  
A Ferguson, Kimberly   H2625, H2626, S414
N/R Ferrante, Ann-Margaret    
N/R Finn, Michael    
N/R Fiola, Carole    
A+ Frost, Paul   H.1305, S1198
N/R Galvin, William    
N/R Garballey, Sean    
N/R Garlick, Denise    
A Garry, Colleen    
N/R Gentile, Carmine    
A+ Gifford, Susan    
N/R Golden, Thomas    
N/R Gonzalez, Carlos    
N/R Gordon, Kenneth    
N/R Gregoire, Danielle    
N/R Haddad, Patricia    
A+ Harrington, Sheila   H2122
N/R Hay, Stephan    
N/R Hecht, Jonathan    
A+ Heroux, Paul   H2120, H2138, H2155, H2191, H2626, S428, S1198
A+ Hill, Bradford    
A+ Hogan, Kate    
N/R Holmes, Russell    
F Honan, Kevin H.3476  
A+ Howitt, Steven   H2120
F Hunt, Daniel H.3476  
A+ Hunt, Randy   H.2122
A+ Jones, Bradley   H2120, H2149
N/R Kafka, Louis    
N/R Kane, Hannah    
D Kaufman, Jay    
F Keefe, Mary H.3476  
A+ Kelcourse, James    
N/R Khan, Kay    
A+ Kocot, Peter    
B Koczera, Robert    
A+ Kulik, Stephen   H2120
A Kuros, Kevin   H2093, H2122, H2149, S412, S414
N/R Lawn, John    
F Linsky, David    
N/R Livingstone, Jay    
A+ Lombardo, Marc   H2122
A+ Lyons, James    
N/R Madaro, Adrian    
N/R Madden, Timothy    
N/R Mahoney, John    
F Malia, Elizabeth H.3476  
N/R Mannal, Brian   H769
N/R Mariano, Ronald    
A Mark, Paul   H2155, S412
N/R Markey, Christopher    
F McGonagle, Joseph H.3476  
A+ McKenna, Joseph   H2625
N/R McMurtry, Paul    
A+ Miceli, James   H2120, H2158
N/R Michlewitz, Aaron    
A+ Mirra, Leonard   H2120, H2122, S1198
B Mom, Rady   H2625, H2626
N/R Moran, Frank    
N/R Moran, Michael    
A+ Muradian, David   H2625, H2626, S1198, S1287, H728
B Muratore, Mathew   H2625, H2626
N/R Murphy, James    
N/R Nangle, David    
C Naughton, Harold    
A+ O'Connell, Shaunna   H2122, H2149, H2625
N/R O'Day, James    
A+ Orrall, Keiko   H2191
N/R Parisella, Jerald    
N/R Peake, Sarah    
N/R Peisch, Alice    
N/R Petrolati, Thomas    
A+ Pignatelli, William    
A+ Poirier, Elizabeth   H2625, H2626
N/R Provost, Denise    
A Puppolo, Angelo    
N/R Rogers, David    
N/R Rogers, John    
A Rosa, Dennis   H2122, S1198, s1272
N/R Roy, Jeffrey   H2625
N/R Rushing, Byron    
F Ryan, Daniel H.3476  
N/R Sánchez, Jeffrey    
N/R Sannicandro, Tom    
N/R Scaccia, Angelo    
A+ Schmid, Paul    
N/R Scibak, John   S415
N/R Silvia, Alan    
F Smizik, Frank    
A+ Smola, Todd   H.2092, H2093, H2120, H2122, H2138, H2155, H2158, H2175, H2191, S1266
N/R Speliotis, Theodore    
N/R Stanley, Thomas    
N/R Story, Ellen    
A+ Straus, William   H762
F Swan, Benjamin H.3476  
N/R Timilty, Walter    
F Toomey, Timothy H.2188  
N/R Tosado, Jose H.3476  
C Tucker, Paul H.3476 H2625
N/R Ultrino, Steven    
F Vega, Aaron H.3476  
A+ Velis, John    
A+ Vieira, David   H2120, H2191, H769
N/R Vincent, RoseLee    
N/R Wagner, Joseph    
C Walsh, Chris   H.2120, H2626, S1198
N/R Walsh, Thomas    
A+ Whelan, Timothy   H2093, H2625, H2626, S1198, S1287
A+ Whipps Lee, Susannah   H2120, H2175, H2625, H2626, S1198
A+ Wong, Donald    
A+ Zlotnik, Jonathan   H2120, H2122, H2134, H2138, H2175, s1272


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