GOAL Brings Civil Rights Violations To Court

On July 20, 2016 Attorney General Maura Healey announced a deliberate misinterpretation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners instantly became “felons in waiting” overnight.

There was no due process, no public input, no members of the legislature debated the issue and the governor never signed it into law.

Licensed gun owners are now threatened with a ten-year felony charge for owning firearms that were legal the day before her announcement. Hundreds of thousands of these firearms were legally bought and sold for over two decades, and they became illegal overnight. Since 1994, these firearms have been recognized by state and federal law as legal to possess, own, and sell.

Attorney General Healey's actions demonstrated a complete disregard for due process. Her actions were about advancing a political agenda for her personal gain.

No matter how you view firearms ownership, you should be concerned by her action. An individual government official should not be allowed to reinterpret existing law.

GOAL, on behalf of over four hundred thousand licensed gun owners and sixteen thousand supporting members has filed a civil rights lawsuit in Federal Court. We have also filed legislation, which gives the MA legislature an opportunity to protect their constituents from this overreach.

We count on your support to continue this costly effort, please see information below for updates and ways that you can support our actions to protect and restore civil rights in Massachusetts.

Documents - History - Information

4/6/17: Schedule for GOAL's Civil Rights Lawsuit Against AG Healey

3/16/17: AG Healey Responds To GOAL's Civil Rights Lawsuit

1/23/17: GOAL Files Civil RIghts Lawsuit In Federal Court - Read It Here - Updated 2/13/17!

Read GOAL Press Release About Lawsuit Here

1/6/17: GOAL Appeal To Sec. State Galvin - re: Healey FOIA Response

12/8/16: GOAL Asks For FOIA Transparency - Notes Healey Not Complying WIth FOIA Law

8/18/16: Click here to read GOAL's FOIA request and supporting documents

Click here to read a timeline of the FOIA request

Click here to read AG Healey's enforcement notice

Latest Information

Healey's Enforcement Info:

Attorney General Healey's Website: Assault Weapons Ban Enforcement. On this page you will find all of the AG's press info, the enforcement notice, the infamous Q&A. and more.

Court Action

GOAL Lawsuit News (GOAL v. Baker - Healey & Others):

Legislative Actions

NSSF Lawsuit News (Pullman v. Healey):

Timeline of NSSF Lawsuit:

8/4/16 - NSSF Files Suit against AG Healey - (Pullman Arms v. Maura Healey)

01/10/17 - AG's Motion to Dismiss
01/24/17 - Plaintiffs' Opposition to AG's MTD
02/21/17 - AG's Reply to plaintiff's opposition to AG's MTD.


GOAL Podcasts

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Massachusetts Attorney General Unilaterally Changes Gun Laws

The Primer - Episode 15 - Healey's Enforcement Notice Spreads Fear, intimidation and confusion.

Sep 15, 2016

"If they can do it so us, they can do it to you!"

GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace on Boston Herald Radio - This is a great listen for anyone who does not understand the "big picture" issue regarding AG Healey's actions.

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