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Legislation In Play

Legislation Has Been Filed For The 190th General Court - Please see Alerts section on this page for "hot" bills that need your attention!

Please check our legislation page for plain language briefs of each bill.

Please check/bookmark our legislative chart page, which lists all 2A related legislation filed for the current session.

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Self-Defense Bills

Please take action today! Representatives Colleen Garry and Kate Campanale have written a letter to their colleagues in the state house urging them to support two of GOAL's critical self-defense bills. These bills are H.736 An Act Relative to Violent Protection Order Violations filed by Rep. Kate Campanale, and H.2492 An Act Relative to Defensive Electric Devicesfiled by Rep. Colleen Garry.

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H.763 An Act Relative To Firearms Suppressor Safety (YES)

Filed by Rep. Josh Cutler - this bill will make MA the forty-third state to legalize the use of sound suppressors on firearms. Click here for more info.

H.3081 (NO)

Representative David Linsky's Anti Civil Rights H.3081 "Extreme Protection Order" (ERPO) bill - please ask your state representative to not support this legislation. (No on H.3081)
Click here for news story on this legislation.

S.1298 (NO)

(Formerly SD1884) Senator Creem's Anti Civil Rights SD.1884 - please ask your state senator to not support this legislation. (No on S.1298)
Click here for news story on this legislation.

  1. Call Your State Representative and State Senator, ask that they sign onto and co-sponsor the legislation.
  2. Share this information with your friends and family, ask that they take action today!

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Follow Up From Public Hearings

The Joint Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing on multiple bills on 7/18/17. The

Notable bills heard by Judiciary:

Support -

  • H.763 An Act relative to firearm suppressor safety filed by Josh S. Cutler
  • H.769 An Act permitting the purchase and possession of electronic control weapons by abused persons for defensive purposes filed by David F. DeCoste

Oppose -

Click here for the full listing of bills before the Judiciary Committee Please contact the committee today and urge them to support H.763 and H.769

The Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security held a hearing on multiple bills on 7/19/17.

Notable bills heard by Public Safety:

Support -

Oppose -

Click here for a full listing of the bills before the Public Safety Committee. Please contact the committee today and urge them to support H.2492

Public Hearing Prep: Click here to view our public hearing prep page. This page features lots of links to info about how these hearings work, how to write testimony for submission and more.

AG Healey Alert

Updates: Click here for our alert/information page - GOAL has filed a civil rights complaint in federal court.

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